Billy Murray is hungry and that is why we are walking towards one of the Goat’s red-and-white-checkered tables. He is here in June 1999 to promote a book he has written, Cinderella Story: My Life in Golf. Waiter Tito Chacon recognizes him immediately.

“Bill Murray,” he says. “You are the funniest.”

“The funniest what?” says Murray.

Sam sees Murray and walks over. The two men hug.

“How’s your oldest boy?” asks Sam.

“He’s huge,” says Murray, whose two grown sons have been coming to the Goat since they were kids. “He could swallow both of us. All he needs is a couple of tattoos.”

The two men talk for awhile. A couple of pictures are taken.

“I saw the new place of yours over by the United Center.” Murray says. “For a minute I thought they’d run you out of here.”

“No, no,” says Sam. “I always will have this place.”

“Sam, you’re the most successful Greek in the world,” Murray says.

“You help make that happen,” says Sam.

“Don’t blame me,” says Murray.

…from the book A Chicago Tavern a Goat, a Curse, and the American Dream

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