Check out Adam from Man vs. Food in Hawaii take on the biggest Blueberry pancakes you’ve ever seen, all while wearing a World Famous Billy Goat T-shirt!

He is invited back to the Billy Goat anytime to take on The RUDY Burger! http://www.billygoattavern.com/blog/2012/09/14/introducing-the-rudy-burger/

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“No fries, cheeps!”

“Can I have fries with that?” “No fries, cheeps! No Pepsi. Coke! Cheezborger!”  In 1964, the “Original” Billy Goat Tavern moved to its current location on 430 N. Michigan ave. When Billy Sianis put the menu together, mysteriously French Fries, a popular burger compliment, was left off. It was a simple omission that made us…