SNL – Season 3 – Episode 11

“Him? No. My brother, Mike, he’s in the back. George, he’s my first cousin, but I treat him like a brother. Sandy, she’s my second cousin, but I treat her like a first cousin. Him….he’s my third cousin, but I treat him like a fourth cousin, because he’s vlahos. You know what that means? Stupid.”


The Cheezborger!

“Cheezborger! Next! Cheezborger! No Fries, Cheeps, No Pepsi, Coke! In the 60s, when Don Novello worked as an advertising copywriter in Chicago, he frequented the Tavern and heard Sam yell out to customers: “Cheezborger! Cheezborger! Cheezborger!” Later he went on to work as a staff writer for a new sketch comedy show in New York called “Saturday…